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When you least expect it

My son and I were headed up to Santa Barbara, when I noticed a problem with his bike around West LA. We were in a pretty lousy part of town to try and find a place to work on a motorcycle. Soon we came upon the wide open arms of the VA medical center, with ample parking out of the way of everyone. Daniel took care of his issue and we headed out. To get back on Wilshire we had to go under it. This is what we found.

Do yourself a favor, use the full screen mode. I think the video came out really nice considering the lighting.

Project 365 February

Project 365
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The month of February

February 2010 is drawing to a close. I know it was only 28 days long, but it sure seemed to fly by quickly. February was a pretty slow month for me in that I did not really do much in the way of traveling. Went on a couple nice bike rides with Daniel, to Solvang and Santa Barbara. Tried a little whale watching, but they were not cooperating with me. The month ended with the closing of a pretty nice business deal, so the future looks rosy.

Am looking forward to the next couple of months, primarily due to the fact that I get to spend a lot of time with my girl and that always pleases me.

\'Christmas \'sunset\' \'California\'
\'California\' \'Food\' \'Food\'
\'Food\' \'photos\' \'Christmas
\'California\' \'photos\' \'photos\'
\'photos\' \'Food\' \'Christmas

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And Another Month

February 28. This month flew by. This is up in Santa Barbara. Daniel and I on our Sunday ride. Day 59 of Project 365.


Mii 100 Days

My Mii celebrates 100 days of Wii existence. I had been thinking about getting a Wii Fit for over a year. I was told it was a good product for work at home people. Apparently, 100 days ago my girlfriend flew into town and we stopped at some store. I am faithful to it though. If I am home, I at least do a body test. I usually do some yoga and throw in boxing for the cardio, and the skiing and snowboarding just because I am so bad at it. When Tanya is here we seem to do a lot of bowling. I should probably practice. Day 58 of Project 365.


Travels to Andorra la Vella

Andorra 2009
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Our visit to Andorra la Vella

I guess going through the pictures of Spain reminded me of our side trip to Andorra. I have to say, if I was ever going to get a summer home in Europe, Andorra would be at the top of my list. The Pyrenees are a majestic mountain range. I would not want to be there in the Winter, but the rest of the year would be great.
\'Andorra \'Andorra\' \'Andorra
\'photos\' \'Pyrenees\' \'Andorra\'
\'Andorra\' \'Pyrenees\' \'photos\'
\'Pyrenees\' \'Andorra \'Andorra\'
\'Andorra \'Andorra\' \'Spain\'

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Looking over the Project 365 photos for this month, it seems like I do a lot of walking. Day 57.


The Eyes Have It

The gateway to the soul. Can you tell which one is fake? Day 56 of Project 365.


Leader of the Pack

Every pack has its leader. I am ours. He seems happy with the arrangement. Buddy is an avid learner. Day 55 of Project 365.


No Dogs Allowed?

Hardly seems fair. Buddy waits patiently as I take picture 54 for Project 365.


Sights From Spain 2009

Fun in Spain
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Barcelona sights and the Mediterranean coast

As many friends were in Barcelona last week it made me wish I had decided to go as well. No sense crying over what may have been, so instead I brought up some memories from our trip there last June. These pictures are from around Barcelona and a drive we took up the Mediterranean coastline.
\'photos\' \'Spain\' \'photos\'
\'photos\' \'Spain\' \'sights\'
\'Spain\' \'Mediterranean \'Spain\'
\'Barcelona\' \'Mediterranean \'Barcelona\'
\'sights\' \'Barcelona\' \'sights\'

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