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Photos From Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa and South Dakota

Beautiful Midwest Skies
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The Drive From Kansas to South Dakota

Woke up in Kansas City, KS and it looked like it rained in the few hours I slept. This was confirmed when I took Buddy out for his morning walk when it began pouring buckets, complete with lightning and thunder. I guess it was the fringe of the storm that caused all the tornadoes that touched down everywhere we had already traveled to. On the upside, there were some pretty nice cloud formations that made for some nice photographs. We blasted over to Omaha, NE and had one of the best steaks in my life at The Drover. If you are within 100 miles, it is worth the detour, trust me. We ended up in South Dakota and it appears we are staying in for the evening. All these casinos. I may wait until she goes to sleep.
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No Tornado – Day 120 of Project 365

As has been par for the course, no matter which direction we headed today, the tornadoes went in the other direction. Today\’s photo was taken at Hunter Cemetery in the middle of nowhere, Missouri. As you can tell by the smile, at least one person is happy about the blue skies.


Fun times in Hannibal, MO

Photos From Illinois, Missouri and Kansas
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Fun Visit To Hannibal, MO

Woke up in Springfield, IL to a very blustery day. We decided to head to Hannibal, MO to take a couple pictures and move on. That lasted several hours. Very cool little town, and if you appreciate Mark Twain like I do, it is a total kick. My great-grandfather was born there and Tanya had to wonder if they ever crossed paths. We then took a ride to Pershing State Park and eventually to Kansas City, KS. We did stop in Kansas City, MO because we wanted Italian food, and Tanya found Lidia\’s. It was a pain in the butt to find and as a result we did not arrive until 9:15, and they stopped serving at 9:00. Luckily, they found a table and we had a great time. Thanks Staci.
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Lovers Leap Day 119 of Project 365

Spent several hours in Hannibal, MO today. Just before we headed out, I was looking for Mark Twain\’s Caves. I guess I got semi lost because I never found them, however, I did see a sign pointing to Lovers Leap. It was a no brainer. Today\’s photo for Project 365 is one of me and my love high atop Lovers Leap, looking over the Mississippi River.


Photos From Illinois

Illinois Sights
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Valparaiso, IN To Springfield, IL

Today, Tanya and I left Valparaiso, IN and began our journey back to Southern California. While our initial plans were to spend the night in Hannibal, MO we got a little distracted along the way. We came across the Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery in hopes on finding Lincoln\’s tomb. As it turned out, he was not buried there. We hit up Google and discovered Abe was buried in Springfield, IL. Since it was on the way to Hannibal, the detour was made. Turned out to be a great idea. Many thanks to Ashley at the Route 66 Hotel; and to Lisa K and TJ at D\’Arcy\’s Pint for the great service and refreshments. A thumbs down to the guy in the orange shirt that refused to let us try their carrot cake. We may return anyway.
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California, here we come

Day 118 of Project 365 and it is time to go west. My GPS says it is 2,000 miles and 30 hours away, but I have a feeling it is going to take a lot longer and cover many more miles than that. Today\’s daily photo shows Tanya, Buddy and I packed and headed out the driveway.


Photos From Lake Michigan

Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore
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Mt. Baldy

Today, Tanya and I went to Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, on Lake Michigan. My initial impressions were that it was extremely cold. Buddy, my dog, thought it was a great place to run around. I was happy to get out of there without losing my hat, which I had to chase up a sand dune about three times before I said forget it, and just took it off. I will have to come back there when i return in July. I am sure it can be a nice place to visit, as it is quite photogenic.
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Day 117 of Project 365 – On the Bering Sea

Day 117 of Project 365 finds Tanya and me on the coast of the Bering Sea. I never realized how close it was to Indiana. Okay, maybe I am exaggerating a little, but it was cold enough. This photo shows us on the shore of Lake Michigan.


Gaucho\’s Brazilian Steakhouse

Gaucho\’s Brazilian Steakhouse
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Valparaiso, IN

The first time I visited Valparaiso, IN was 2007. My girlfriend was new to the area, so neither of us had a clue as far as any of the good restaurants in the area. It seemed that in order for us to find fine dining we had to drive an hour north to Chicago. Luckily, we happened to drive past Gaucho\’s on Highway 30. Not only was the food good, the service was great. At the end of our meal we went into the cocktail lounge. Tanya had recently been introduced to Mai Tais and wanted one. The bartender did not know how to make one, but with a little guidance from me, she provided a tasty beverage. The fact that she was willing to give it a try impressed me enough that we return there almost every time I come to Indiana. Justin was our server yesterday, and he maintained the high quality of service that we have become accustomed to receiving.
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Another Birthday Dinner

Tanya\’s birthday seems to be a long one this year. Today\’s Project 365 daily photo shows Tanya and I outside Gaucho\’s while we await their opening.