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Photos from Dublin\’s All Ireland Football Finals

All Ireland Football Finals

Photos From Dublin

Sunday was the GAA\’s All Ireland Football finals at Croke Park, featuring Cork vs Down. About 83,000 people attended, and it made for a definite party atmosphere in the Dublin area. Since we did not have tickets to the game, we started the day off by visiting Trinity College and checking out the Book of Kells. Although no photos were allowed in the library it was very cool and if you ever make it to Dublin, it is worth the visit.

After the game started, we walked over to Croke Park and got some photos of the stadium and the surrounding area. We then headed over to Gills, which is the pub one block away from the stadium to have a pint or two, and watch the game. Cork beat Down 16-15 and it was a great game. As I make this entry I can still hear the partying in the streets.

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Photos from the Guinness Brewery

Photos From Around Dublin

A Visit To the Guinness Brewery and More

Saturday, we got a late start, due to my error with the alarm clock. Oh well, guess we needed the sleep. After grabbing some coffee and a bagel at the local O\’Brien\’s we arranged for transportation and sights to see. We started off at the Guinness Brewery where we got a couple pints and learned to pour the perfect pint.

We then jumped on a tour bus and kept our eyes peeled for somewhere to eat. After we finished dinner we walked back to the B&B we are staying at for the duration of our visit to Ireland. The streets of Dublin are getting loud and crowded as the Irish pour into town for the GAA Football All-Ireland Finals. I have a red t-shirt on and will be headed out to O\’Connell Street to join the festivities shortly.

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Photos of the ride from Killarney to Dublin

Photos From Killarney to Dublin, Ireland

The Third Day of Our Tour of Ireland

On Thursday, we received notice that a cruise ship was coming into Cork on Friday morning. This meant that upwards of 20 tour buses would be descending on the Blarney Castle, which was to be our first stop Friday morning. Our driver, Don, decided that in order to beat the crowds we would hit the road at 8:00 AM. Another early day. It turned out to be a great idea as there was only one other tour bus there when we arrived.

After a couple hours at the Blarney Castle we worked our way back to Dublin, stopping at a couple ruins along the way. I have no regrets about the decision to use Paddy Wagon Tours for the first part of our journey. I would advise anyone following in out footsteps to inquire about using a bed and breakfast for the evenings as hostels are the default nighttime stay. If you want to relive your college years that might work, but I am past that.

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Photos of Galway to Killarney

Galway to Killarney

Photos From Day Two of Our Tour of Ireland

Thursday was day two of our tour of western and southern Ireland. We started the day in Galway and ended in Killarney. Along the way we saw some amazing places, the highlight of which was the Cliffs of Moher. Everyone has heard of the seven wonders of the ancient world, with the Great Pyramid of Giza, Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Statue of Zeus at Olympia, et cetera. There is a new competition for the seven wonders of nature of which the Cliffs of Moher is one of the 28 finalists. I would not be surprised to see them be one of the seven finalists next year.

We ended the day by taking a horse and carriage ride through the Killarney National Park. If you are ever there, I highly suggest you take the hour to ride through the park. Really beautiful.

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Photos of the Road From Dublin to Galway

Photos From Dublin to Galway

Day Three in Ireland

Wednesday morning, Tanya and I packed up and walked a few doors down to the local Paddy Wagon Tours office to begin a three day tour of western and southern Ireland. Day one was a ride across the island, ending up in Galway. There is a lot of history in this country. I think it would pretty difficult to not feel a certain amount of pride in being Irish once you have visited here and learned more of Ireland\’s past. I know I came away with even more pride in being of Irish heritage than ever before.
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Photos from Dublin

Dublin Sights

Pictures From Our Second Day in Ireland

Tuesday, since we were still recovering from the flight over, we decided to spend the day in Dublin. The first course of business was to find a hostel to spend the evening and a place to dump our luggage. Once that was accomplished we headed out.

Dublin is a great little town, with many friendly people. I have to give Guinness credit for being the great unifier. It crosses all boundaries.

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Photos of the Journey From Amsterdam to Dublin

Flight From Amsterdam to Dublin

Photos From Our First Day In Ireland

It was early Monday morning when we arrived in Amsterdam. We only had a couple of hours between flights, so we spent it at the airport dealing with airport security and getting to our gate for the connecting flight. Time flew, so in no time it felt as if we were airborne again, on our way to Dublin.

A good friend of mine is from Dublin and he still has family there. His mother, a sister and her daughter met us at the airport in Dublin and took us to their home. After a shower and a nap, we headed out to the Temple Bar area of Dublin for some food and to introduce Tanya to her first Guinness. I can not believe I have found a woman that enjoys Guinness almost as much as I do. It may be a sign.

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Flying from Chicago to Amsterdam

Photos From 35,000 Feet

The flight from Chicago to Amsterdam

Sunday, Tanya and I packed up and headed to Cracker Barrel for one last meal before boarding our flight to Amsterdam. We flew KLM because we like their service and we know where the good seats are. The flight was a little over seven hours long, and we got no sleep, but we arrived in great spirits. Next stop, Dublin.
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I am in Ireland

Sunday we headed to Chicago as we had to get on the 4:20 flight to Amsterdam. My photo of the day for day 255 is of Tanya and I as we wing across the Atlantic Ocean on the way to Amsterdam.

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Kiwanis Hot Air BalloonFest Photos

Valparaiso Kiwanis 20th Annual Hot Air BalloonFest

Valparaiso, IN – September 11, 2010

I flew into Chicago yesterday as the first leg of my Euro Tour 2010, as Tanya is coming with me and it was faster than having her come to LA. It turns out that Valparaiso, IN was a hotbed of activity this weekend. One event I wanted to attend was the popcorn festival, but time was tight. Instead we headed over to the Porter County Fairgrounds for the Valparaiso Kiwanis 20th Annual Hot Air BalloonFest. I was told that they would have tethered balloon rides, but no such luck. Anyway, I got some pretty nice photos, so I hope you enjoy them.
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