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Hope can change your day

It is mind blowing how quickly attitudes can change, especially when hope is added to the mix. It was only yesterday that I had finally fought through the writer\’s block that had been preventing me from writing my last post about RAD and stem cells. By the time I finally got into the groove of writing, I may have mentioned stem cells to Tanya, but the fact of the matter is that she did not really understand them or how they worked, so if I mentioned them in passing, the brain fog that RAD causes had caused my comments to go unnoticed. It happens.

The thing is, about the time I started writing, Tanya received a letter from her rheumatologist in Indiana. She had not seen him since the middle of 2011 and had postponed scheduled appointments because of her move to CA. The letter contained some very discouraging news. While prior test results were always described as boring, these ones were not. There were signs of a lot of damage and from what was read to me, it sounded like the potential for more was absolute. Tanya was pretty depressed as was I. It is tough hearing what to expect in the forthcoming years to the woman you love. Scary too.

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Stem Cells and Rheumatoid Autoimmune Disease

It has been a month since I left off on my discussion on why Rheumatoid Arthritis should be renamed as Rheumatoid Autoimmune Disease and I apologize for that. Luckily, Tanya said I could take advantage of her RA Twist, so this is probably going to take a couple years to finish. Who knows, the world is supposed to end in December, so maybe it will never be completed.


Anyway, when I left off I was tying RAD together with South Park. As I mentioned earlier in the article about why RA should be called RAD, Tanya and I had just watched the movie \’Burzynski\’ which is about Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski, a medical doctor that has seemed to have come up with a very effective method of combating even the most deadly of cancers. While one would hope that the medical community would be elated, the FDA started prosecuting the man because he was the sole patent holder on his discovery and big pharmaceutical companies would be losing a major cash cow. For me personally, the thing that upset me the most was not the bureaucratic bullshit, I expect that, but the fact that chemotherapy was the preferred method and that was a technology developed in the 1940\’s! It made me wonder the likelihood of big pharmaceutical allowing a cure for RAD or any other killer disease. Then South Park came on. Continue reading

An American\’s view of Barcelona – Street photography

Earlier this month I went to Barcelona, Spain to cover a trade show. In the past, Tanya would join me on my travels, be they be within the country or overseas. Unfortunately, her Rheumatoid Autoimmune Disease (RAD aka Rheumatoid Arthritis or RA) has made international travel a thing of the past for her. Hopefully she will find a good drug combination that will put her back into remission, but until that happens I will be doing most of my travels solo.

Since Tanya is unable to travel with me and I take far too many photos for her to sit down and go through the thousands I come home with, I have decided to create this abridged photo version so she can see the highlights of Barcelona. No need to feel too sorry for her, as she has been to Spain twice, so she knows about the good food and wine they have. This gallery is part of my commitment to write 365 blog posts to help bring awareness to the Rheumatoid Patient Foundation. Continue reading

Networking at Noon at the Alpine Village

Today we met with the Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce (TACC) again for another Networking at Noon; this time at the Alpine Inn at Alpine Village in Torrance, CA. It was a well attended event and we met a few new people that I am sure we will be seeing again. Tanya\’s company gave away a $500 gift certificate to one lucky winner, so I am positive we will be talking to her again. The food was very good. On the way out, I noticed they had a nice drought beer selection, so I have a feeling we will be back before too long.

These photos were taken in the Emerald Room of the Alpine Inn. Continue reading

Eating for better health

Okay, I know in my last RAD Caregiver post I said that my next article would be discussing stem cell research and Rheumatoid Autoimmune Disease, but we recently started a group on Facebook, I Take Pictures of My Fruits and Vegetables Before I Juice Them, and we have had many people express interest in our new eating habits; in particular, what recipes we use. Well, the fact of the matter is that we do not have any recipes at all. However, we do have a lot of photos, so if you look at them you will see the recipe.

I have been juicing for about two years now and Tanya (my girlfriend, who has RAD) has recently decided to join me. I tried to get her into juicing earlier, but she just was not impressed by the taste. Then one night she watched the movie, \’Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.\’ The next morning she asked me to show her how to use the juicer. Things have never been the same. She got into it, big time. Continue reading

Torrance Fire Fighters Association 40th Annual Spaghetti Dinner

These photos were taken tonight at the 40th Annual Spaghetti Dinner to benefit the Alisa Ann Ruch California Burn Foundation which was sponsored by the Torrance Fire Fighters Association. The family friendly event was held at the Ken Miller Recreation Center in Torrance, CA. While I have lived in Torrance for more than 40 years and I had been aware of the event, it took joining the Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce to get me to finally attend one. I have to admit, I had a good time and it looked like everyone else did as well.

There were firefighters from a few different departments lending a hand as well as many additional volunteers. Several hundred people went through while we were there, so I am sure the event was a great success as far as raising funds for the Alisa Ann Ruch California Burn Foundation. Continue reading