A return visit to Monkish Brewing and Strand Brewing

As a result of our participation and documentation of the American Craft Beer Week in May, we became aware of several new local craft brewers, two of which are Monkish Brewing and Strand Brewing Company, both of which are located in Torrance. For me personally, one of the greatest advantages of micro breweries is that there is a pretty regular rotation of the taps; that being there is always something new to be found. Since I was in the general neighborhood, I decided to stop by Monkish Brewing Company as I recalled Henry, owner and brewer, mention that he was going to be releasing a hoppier brew. Since I am a pretty hoppy guy I wanted to try it out. It is called the Pour Toi, and while it is not really what I would describe as your standard hoppy brew, it was quite flavorful. Henry let me sample an unnamed brew he has on tap, so I guess I have to return next week to try it

Since I had signed up for Strand Brewing Company’s mailing list on a previous visit, I was alerted to the fact that they were releasing a Black IPA. I had to give it a try and was quite pleased. The best thing about it is that Tanya liked it too, so we brought home a growler. There was a little party going on, so a got a few photos that the attendees should find easily enough.

I donated the watermark to the Rheumatoid Patient Foundation because so many sufferers of RAD/RA are unable to just go out and have a good time. Kind of a reality check.

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