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Petrified Forest Photos

Petrified Forest, Piedmont, SD

Photos From the Petrified Forest of the Black Hills

When I first arrived at the campground in Piedmont, SD I noticed there was a sign for a petrified forest that seemed to be located somewhere on the grounds that our cabin was located. After spending the day in Spearfish Canyon, Deadwood and the motocross races we decided to spend a little time back at the cabin. I spoke with one of the girls that worked there and she told me that the petrified forest was just over the hill that was behind the cabin. We decided to go check it out.

I have been to a few petrified forests over the years, and most of them have been quite unimpressive. This was was an exception to the rule. There were complete trees laying around. If you looked or touched them without knowing what you were looking at, they would probably appear as nothing more than rocks. When you paid closer attention you could see that these were definitely trees that were over 120 million years old! That is pretty cool in my book. These photos are from the petrified forest as well as the surrounding valley. After checking out the forest we headed into town for a little dinner at the Sawtooth Saloon.

travel travel photos
South Dakota South Dakota scenery
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family fun photos petrified forest
travel petrified forest scenery

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Project 365 August Recap

A Picture a Day – Project 365

August 2010

August 2010 was a pretty fun month. I guess any month that more than half of it includes riding one of my bikes is a good month. Throw in a few days with my honey in Sturgis, a couple visits to Gu Gu Sushi and some quality time with Buddy and there really is not a lot to complain about. This gallery is a compilation of my picture a day project for August 2010.
daily photos August 2010 Project 365
August 2010 daily photos August 2010
August 2010 Project 365 pictures
pictures August 2010 pictures
pictures pictures Project 365

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Harley Arty

Shortly after purchasing the new Limited, okay, on the way home from purchasing the Limited I stopped by at some friends’ home to show off my new bike. While there, one of their neighbors came by. As it turned out, he makes his money by detailing Harley-Davidsons and his nickname is Harley Arty. I took his business card and made a mental note to remember him for the future. When I came back from Sturgis, the bike was in a word, filthy. About 10 pounds of dead bugs and lots of road grime made it clear that if I was going to try him out, this would be the time to do it. I have to say, I was quite impressed with his work. It was obvious that he really enjoyed bringing back the beauty that my bike had once been. I will use him again for sure. In fact, he is supposed to come over Thursday to do the Night Train.

My photo of the day for day 236 is of the Limited after Harley Arty worked his magic. If you live in the South Bay area, drop a note and I will pass along his contact info.

Day 236 picture of the day


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