Armed Forces Day Parade

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Division II, Torrance Armed Forces Day Parade

These photos are of Division II till the end, of the 2012 Torrance Armed Forces Day Parade. These photos begin with the North High School Saxon Regiment and Color Guard. Parade entries include several ROTC and JROTC’s; as well as Navy and Coast Guard floats. My alma mater, Bishop Montgomery, returned to the parade with one of the more entertaining high school marching bands I have seen in a while. Also included in this group of photos are the Torrance Torrettes and the 1st North Carolina Cavalry Civil War Re-enactors.

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Photos from the Torrance Armed Forces Day Parade, Division One

As I have far too many photos from the Torrance 53rd Annual Armed Forces Day Parade, I have broken the photos up into three groups. The first group included arriving dignitaries and the Prologue Division of the parade; these photos are from Division I which encompasses parade entries 13-44. This includes the swearing in of the Air Force cadets, the West High School marching band, a couple flyovers and some military hardware.

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53rd Annual Armed Forces Day Parade in Torrance – Dignitaries and Prologue

These photos were taken Saturday at the 53rd Annual Torrance Armed Forces Day Parade. Torrance is one of the few cities in the United States that has an Armed Forces Day Parade and they have been doing it longer and better than anyone. I read somewhere that this is the largest Armed Forces Day Parade west of the Mississippi River. Since it is the biggest, that means I got a ton of photos; so many that it would be difficult to navigate through all of them if you are looking for something specific. As a result, I am going to break the parade up into three galleries.

This first gallery consists of the very beginning of the parade and includes the Grand Marshal, elected government officials and senior ranking officials representing the assorted branches of the armed forces. Also included is the Prologue section with parade entries 1-12.

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