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Never Settle

I am not really sure why I bought this thing. It is not the kind of barbecue I like to use, at all. Maybe if I was barbecuing for large crowds, this unit would be appropriate, but for one or two people, it just does not make sense. It is too big to cook one or two steaks with. I guess I picked this one because I wanted a barbecue immediately and the establishment I was at did not sell the Weber Kettle, which would have been my first choice. So, I settled.

My photo of the day for day 245 is of the last barbecue I plan on having with this thing for a while. I decided to get back to my barbecuing roots and this current barbecue is the perfect height for me to put a hibachi on top of.

Day 245 picture of the day

The Last Barbecue

Rib Eye Time

I am a pretty good cook. I am very good when it comes to grilling on the barbecue. Unfortunately, I do not really enjoy cooking for myself, so I do not do it very often. I am a member of Sort This Out Cellars wine club, and every three months they send me a few bottles of wine. Since it was Friday, and I had received a supply of some new wines, I decided to go to the store and pick up a rib eye and fixings for a salad.

I picked a rib eye because I wanted to get something that would provide a bone for Buddy when I was done. He was quite appreciative. My photo of the day for day 239 is of the little feast I prepared.

Day 239 picture of the day

Rib Eye and Red Hot Rose

Mid-July Picture of the Day

The calendar tells me we have reached the middle of July. I can not believe how slow this month gets after the 4th. Oh well, here is some catch up with my picture of the day.

Day 194 is me while walking Buddy. The June gloom is nothing but a memory now.

Day 194 photo of the day

Could Use a Trim

Yesterday, Tanya and I decided to barbecue. She made one of her delicious Strawberry Pecan Salads. I barbecued some thighs and legs. Great leftovers.

Day 195 picture of the day

Leg and Thigh Man

Since it looks like we are going to be stuck here for a while I decided to take Buddy to the groomers. Here he looks all nice and shiny after a wash and wax. I think they may use Armor All also.

Day 196 pic of the day

Washed and Waxed

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