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California Highway 99 – Atwater

Photos From California Highway 99

Atwater, CA

Atwater was a nice little town with many tree lined streets. Of the communities we visited, Atwater was one of Tanya’s two favorites. There definitely seemed to be a lot of civic pride and once downtown there is no question where you are with Atwater Trophy, Atwater Electronics, Atwater this and Atwater that. I would say that the streets were empty, but compared to some of the places north of here, it was full of hustle and bustle.
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photos Central California Atwater
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CA Highway 99 photos Atwater
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California Highway 99 – Livingston

Photos From California Highway 99

Livingston, CA

Livingston did not leave much of an impression on me. The day had been long and wet, and I was getting tired. It started raining harder here, so I did not take quite as many photos.
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Livingston photos Central California
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Livingston Livingston Central California
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I did not forget

Seriously, I am taking my daily photos for Project 365, I just do not always have time to put them up. Heck, I did five posts yesterday and have already done a couple today. Besides, Tanya is here, so I am slightly distracted.

Sunday we dealt with a little rain most of the day. Towards the end we were treated to several rainbows. My photo of the day for day 290 is of one of the rainbows we saw along CA Highway 99.

Day 290 Project 365

More Rain

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