Chama River Brewing Company

40th Annual Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta Photos

While driving through New Mexico Tanya decided that she wanted to have Cracker Barrel one more time before we got to California. She brought out her Xoom and found a couple in Albuquerque. She brought out the street level view and it looked like they had a parking lot that would accommodate us, so we put it in the GPS as our dinner destination.

Even though it was a Cracker Barrel, I decided to bring my camera inside. You never know. Towards the end of our meal the manager came up, made some small talk then started talking about cameras. He wanted to know about my what hardware I had (Canon T1i with a Sigma 18-200mm) then asked if we were there for the hot air balloon festival. Well, if we were not before you can bet we were now. We found a hotel, dropped the dogs and trailer off, then headed to Balloon Fiesta Park. When we arrived the wind was pretty bad, it did not look good. Within minutes everything calmed down and the balloons filled up. On the way home we found a great little micro brewery, Chama River Brewing Company. Good food and great beer. It was the best Cracker Barrel stop ever.

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Photos from Tanya’s move

When I left Europe, I headed back to Indiana for the last phase of my journey. If you will recall, this all started with Buddy and me taking a train from Los Angeles to Chicago. Now, I was going to finish packing Tanya’s trailer, take some photos of the inside of the house, put up a For Sale sign and drive back to California. Tanya was coming to stay.

These photos include stops at Billy Barooz Pub & Grill in Champaign, IL; Shamrock, TX; Chama River Brewing Company in Albuquerque, NM and Flagstaff Brewing Company in Flagstaff, AZ along with other various sights found along the way.

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