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Photos from Four Corners Monument

When we made our trip last year, we had no direction. We had somewhere we had to be on a certain date and the route we took to get there was of no consequence. There was one thing I wanted to do and it was stand in four states at once at Four Corners Monument. Somehow, we completely missed it even though we had to have been within 50 miles of it. I have no excuse, I must have missed the sign. Luckily, it was directly on the route from the Grand Canyon to Cortez, CO. I mean, I did not even need to make a detour to get there. Unluckily, they were closed by the time we got there.

No matter, we wanted to meet my cousin in Cortez for lunch the next day anyhow, so we backtracked the 40 miles and went there. AZ, NM, CO and UT are the four states. It was worth the drive, as that part of the country is beautiful. Used the construction stops to take shots.

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Back to Four Corners Photos

Photos from our visit to Cortez, CO

Last year, Tanya and I made a 30 day, 20 state, 8,000 mile road trip. One of our favorite establishments we encountered during the entire trip was Main Street Brewery in Cortez, CO. To be honest, our entire trip centered around going back to Cortez just to dine and drink there. I was looking forward to seeing Rudy, the owner, however I discovered he retired last September. I met Janet, the new owner. She assured me that they still used the same beef and retained the same brew master, so all was good. We even returned the next day to meet one of my cousins that I had not seen in about 35 years. These photos are from our stay in Cortez.

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Grand Junction to Denver Pictures

Photos From I-70 In Colorado

The ride from Grand Junction to Denver, CO

Wednesday morning, I continued my ride to the 70th Annual Black Hills Rally and Races from Grand Junction, CO. I was doing well on the amount of miles traveled per day, so I was able to stop a little more frequently and enjoy the Colorado beauty found along I-70. This included going through the Eisenhower Tunnel, which is over 11,000 feet in elevation. This resulted in the temperatures dropping to the high 70’s and low 80’s. After spending the last few days in the high 90’s and low triple digits I had to bundle up with a long sleeved shirt and warm gloves.

I did stop outside of Denver to join one of my brothers for an early dinner. The food was okay, but I got there at shift change or something, so my medium rare steak ended up being well done. Oh well, the company and spaghetti were good. After dinner, I continued on to Cheyenne, WY. Only 320 miles to go!

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