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Happy Pi Day

It is the 73rd day of Project365 2011 and the 14th day of March, or 3.14. Pi. Get it? I never heard of today being called Pi Day before, so I guess Facebook taught me something. My photo of the day is of me getting my daily radiation fix.

day073 of Project365

Microwave Safe

The back of the bus

Last month, doing Project365 was a little difficult due to my shadow theme and a lack of sunlight. This month, the problem seems to be a lack of clean windows to bounce my photo from. My picture of the day for day 63 of Project365 shows me at the back of a soccer mom’s bus.

day063 of Project365

At the Back

Early day

I am not really sure what is going on. Granted, my internal clock knows when to go off, if something is happening the next day, but I had nothing happening until 9:30. Why the heck was I awake at 7:00 AM? That is just not right.

My picture of the day for day 42 of Project365 is of me walking through the park, looking kind of tired.

day042 Project365

Looking Tired

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