Dynamo Donut

It is National Doughnut Day

A couple of months ago I was going through Facebook and noticed the photo of what I would call a designer doughnut. Since I was only readily familiar with one establishment that sold “designer doughnuts,” I asked if my friend had ever visited Psycho Donuts. It was not an unreasonable question since they are located in Northern California as is he. It was not long before someone else joined the discussion and informed me that if I wanted a great doughnut, I had to visit Stan’s Donuts in Santa Clara. Eventually, my friend returned to the discussion and told me that the doughnut in question was a Dynamo Maple Sugar and Bacon doughnut. Since I had plans to visit San Francisco for a trade show, I decided that I would have to conduct an unbiased review of the three doughnut shops in question. These shops were Dynamo Donuts in San Francisco, Stan’s Donuts in Santa Clara and Psycho Donuts in San Jose, CA. Since today is National Doughnut Day, I figured it was time to put this review up.

My initial intent was to go to the doughnut shops and let the employees choose two donuts that they thought were best. My girlfriend, Tanya, said she did not want the shop to pick her doughnut. Since I knew there was no way I could eat more than three donuts in a day, I decided that I would let the doughnut shop pick one and Tanya could pick one. We would then split the donuts and I would make review the doughnut shop based on these choices. It seemed like a pretty unbiased way to do this review. As we were leaving San Francisco I picked a route that would take us from San Francisco, to Santa Clara and end in San Jose. Continue reading

The great doughnut challenge

It started innocently enough. A friend of mine posted a photo of a doughnut on Facebook. I commented on it. Someone else responded to my comment and a conversation ensued. Eventually my friend returned to the post and insisted we were in the presence of greatness. So, here we were. Three guys with three ideas of where to go to get a great doughnut. Something had to be done.

These photos were taken at Dynamo Donuts in San Francisco, Stan’s Donuts in Santa Clara and Psycho Donuts in San Jose, CA. Enjoy

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