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American Craft Beer Week: Spotlighting local brews

Day five of American Craft Beer Week found us at three local brewers; Monkish Brewing, El Segundo Brewing Company and Strand Brewing Company. Monkish and Strand are both located in Torrance; I will let you guess what city El Segundo Brewing is in. While we have tried some of the craft brews from each of the brewers, it was at Select Beer Store during their South Bay Tap Takeover; so we had only tried one or two of their brews. We were impressed with all three enough that it was not a problem making a special visit.

Monkish Brewing specializes in Belgian style beer and the lack of hops is quite noticeable when you have had as many IPA’s as I have over the last week. Tanya, who is a dark beer fan, actually preferred their Feminist over the Anomaly. I liked both. The sampler pictured includes pours of Oblate, Anomaly, Red Table and Feminist. Continue reading

Rock and Brews, El Segundo

A couple of weeks ago, my buddy Phil told me about a new restaurant in El Segundo that had 50 beers on tap, so it did not take much convincing to get me to head over to Rock & Brews last Saturday to check it out. Rock & Brews is partially owned by Gene Simmons, so it was a safe bet that with the combination of rock and roll and 50 beers on tap this was going to be a pleasurable experience.

The weather was so-so, but we wanted to go for a bike ride and I figured it would be easier to find parking with motorcycles than with a full-sized car. As it turns out, Rock & Brews has plenty of off-street parking, which was a pleasant surprise. The building of the restaurant itself reminds me of an auto repair garage. I was told it was supposed to resemble being backstage at a concert venue. All I can say is that I must be getting asked backstage at the wrong places. Rock & Brews was bigger than some venues I have attended. That being said, when it is open it only has three walls as the north side opens into a large patio. While this is not a problem when the weather is nice, it will be interesting to see what it is like when the weather is foul. Continue reading

Lady of Magic at Farm Stand Restaurant

Last night we drove to El Segundo to go to the Farm Stand Restaurant for dinner and to enjoy a little table magic performed by our new friend, the Lady of Magic, Sisuepahn Phila. We met Sisuepahn at her New Year’s Eve party/fundraiser for the Midnight Mission, which is a homeless shelter in downtown Los Angeles. I have to admit, I really enjoy watching her perform as it is so much more than just slight of hand card tricks. I promise, you will be amazed if you get the chance to see it yourself.

That being said, this Saturday there is a Valentine’s Day Soiree at the Redondo Beach Castle. This is a great way to spend a Saturday evening and a portion of the proceeds from the event go to benefit Child Help. For those of you that have more than one special someone, you can bring one to this fundraiser on Saturday and find something else to do on Valentine’s Day with one of the others. For more details, visit the LadyofMagic.com. Continue reading

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