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Mayans were wrong; ESBC celebrates with Standard Crude Release

These photos are from El Segundo Brewing Company’s (ESBC) Standard Crude Release party which was held Friday evening, December 21, 2012. Throwing caution to the wind, Rob Croxall and Thomas Kelley decided to not worry about the end of the Mayan Calendar, and possibly the world as we know it, and released their first 10% beer, Standard Crude American Imperial Stout. Judging by the turnout at their tasting room, there were many that were equally relieved that the world did not end and they came out to welcome El Segundo’s latest brew.

In addition to the Standard Crude, ESBC offered their Blue House Pale Ale, Citra Pale Ale, White Dog IPA, Blue House IPA, Two-5 Left DIPA and Hyperion Stout on cask. They were all delicious and everyone seemed to have a great time. Next month, El Segundo Brewing Company will be releasing their Standard Crude American Imperial Stout in bottles, so ESBC should be congratulated for that as it is a pretty big step up and pretty much guarantees that more people will be able to enjoy the fine brews that are coming out of El Segundo. I, for one, am very glad the Mayans got the date wrong for the final Apocalypse. Continue reading

Business & Beer at El Segundo Brewing Co, El Segundo

These photos are from the Business & Beer return visit to the El Segundo Brewing Company (ESBC) tasting room. This was our second visit to ESBC and we had a few more people than our first visit there, so that was a good thing. El Segundo Brewing, also known as Blue House Ales, is a microbrewery that makes some of my favorite IPA’s (White Dog and Two 5 Left). They also have some nice pale ales as well as their Hyperion Stout. Last night they offered a vanilla bean stout that was so good we had to bring a growler home with us. Since it is football season and ESBC offers tacos for Thursday Night Football, their Thursday night visitors usually stick around a little longer. Since the World Series is going on, they showed the San Francisco Giants winning game two instead of football, but I heard no complaints about that. Since there was a pretty large group of people not associated with Business & Beer, we had a few people asking about the Business & Beer concept, so we may have gained some new attendees.

Next week we will be returning to Strand Brewing Company in Torrance. Strand Brewing is one of my favorite microbreweries in Torrance and has a great selection of ales, IPA’s and a nice stout. This will be our third visit to Strand Brewing, so you know it is a crowd favorite; if you have not joined us there yet, you are in for a treat.

Remember, if you are a small business owner in the South Bay or work for a company that networking is an important part of your job duties, Business & Beer is something you want to check out. Everyone that comes is looking to network and we all enjoy American craft beers. If you want to be sure you are always aware of our upcoming events, please sign up to our mailing list on and Like our Facebook page. We have a nice group of people attending and there is always good beer. We have no dues or mandatory meetings, so this is a networking group with no downside. Continue reading

Business N Beer comes to El Segundo Brewing Company

Last night, we brought Business N Beer to El Segundo Brewing Company. El Segundo Brewing Company, or ESBC, specializes in ales and for my money, brews one of the finest IPA’s in the South Bay with their White Dog IPA. As the photos show, this was the smallest turnout we have had since we started last month; however since ESBC is also the furthest away from Torrance and most of our members seem to be from the Torrance area I am not too surprised. On the upside, even though it was our smallest group, we still had a first timer and I had the opportunity to promote Business N Beer to a couple ESBC customers prior to the start of our event. Hopefully, some will join us at future events.

Next week, we will bring Business N Beer to the Alpine Inn, located at Alpine Village in Torrance. The Alpine Inn has a very nice selection of American craft beers, some of which is local, and they carry several European drafts as well. Alpine Inn is a German restaurant, so if you want to make it date night go ahead and bring your significant other. That is one of the advantages of Business N Beer, dates are welcome. Nothing says you can’t do business and have a good time doing it.

Be sure to sign up for the Business N Beer mailing list and follow us on Facebook. I look forward to seeing more of you next week. Continue reading

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