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Photos from Sedona, Arizona

I ended March and began April a trade show in Tempe, AZ. Since Tanya’s birthday is in the beginning of April, we decided to do a smaller repeat performance of our road trip last year. Sunday morning, we headed out of Tempe and headed north to Sedona. What a welcome relief from the heat of Tempe. We found a nice micro brewery, Oak Creek Brewing Company, and tried their sampler. Good stuff. These photos are from Sedona and the outskirts. Very beautiful country.

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Quality Time

Day 214 of my photo a day project. It was Monday and as happens, the maids came. Since I had to give them some time to work around my desk, Buddy and I decided it would be a good time to go outside and play in the front yard for a while. Quality time is what it is all about. My photo of the day is of Buddy and me enjoying the nice day and checking out activity in the neighborhood.

Day 214 photo of the day

Common Interest

Best Friends – Picture of the Day 211

It is said that dogs are man’s best friends. Buddy would argue that men are dog’s best friends. My photo of the day is of Buddy and I enjoying the day and checking out the neighborhood.

Day 211 photo of the day

baddog and Buddy

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