The Kings Win the 2012 Stanley Cup

The Los Angeles Kings have won the 2012 Stanley Cup; the first time they have accomplished this since the franchise was founded way back in 1967. I decided to head over to Staples Center after I was convinced that I could not jinx their chances, and even though New Jersey scored about two minutes after I headed out, it was not enough to stop the Kings as they skated on to a 6-1 victory.

While I was relatively confident there would be no issues with crowd control, I parked about a good half-mile away (behind LAPD’s staging area) which turned out to be a pretty good thing. As I was walking towards the Staples Center, I noticed the Excalibur Restaurant had a sign out front advertising craft beer, so I stopped in and watched the end of the game with a few dozen enthusiastic fans. When the game ended, I made the short walk to Staples and joined the thousands that were celebrating. It is a good night to be an LA Kings fan. Congratulations to the Los Angeles Kings and their fans on a great season.

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Christmas Party at Staples Center

Every year for the last three years, my friend Joe gets a couple suites at Staples Center and he invites a few dozen of his friends to come join him for a Christmas party while watching the Los Angeles Kings. It is always a great time with fun people, a visit from a few of the King’s Ice Crew, snacks and drinks. Sometimes the Kings win to make the event perfect. Well, the Kings got whipped by the Minnesota Wild last night, but luckily all the other ingredients remained so it was another successful Christmas party at Staples.

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Photos From Hockey Night At Staples Center

Photos From Hockey Night

Los Angeles Kings vs Florida Panthers

Last night, Tanya and I went to a Christmas party that a friend of ours has thrown for the last couple of years at the Staples Center. Since Tanya and I have yet to spend a Christmas together, we dress up a bit to get in the festive mood, and use this as our Christmas celebration. The Los Angeles Kings hosted the Florida Panthers, and defeated them 3-2. The Kings were down 2-1 in the second period, so it is not like it was an easy win.

Everyone had a great time, and the victory was the icing on the cake. Thanks to my friend, Joe Laughlin for another fun evening at Staples. Happy holidays and Go Kings!

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