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Business & Beer returns to Sophie’s Place, Redondo Beach

These photos are from our 14th Business & Beer gathering, which was held at Sophie’s Place in Redondo Beach. Sophie’s Place is a great little gastropub in the Riviera Village and one of our personal favorite destinations in Redondo Beach. On the drive over there I could not help but notice how beautiful the sky and ocean was, so I did stop to take some photos, which is why some of the beginning pictures are not exactly business or beer.

We had a lot of competition yesterday with inclement weather, a Chamber of Commerce business expo and the debate between Biden and Ryan so we were pleased with the turn out. We had about 15 people come out, which included two second time attendees. For the first time since we started Business & Beer, we did not have any first timers, but like I said, there were several things going on yesterday. It is good to see that people that did not know each other a few weeks ago are greeting each other like old friends.

Next week we will return to the Alpine Inn at Alpine Village in Torrance. Long known for their German food and European beers, Alpine Inn now carries a wide selection of craft beers. In fact, they have a lot of craft beer you would not likely expect to find there. The GM is a home brewer, so he knows good beer and now makes it available on their multiple rotating taps. Continue reading

Photos from the TACC Business Expo

Yesterday afternoon, we headed over to the Marriott Hotel in Torrance for the Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce (TACC) Business Expo. I had a few events to cover yesterday, but I had people that were participating in the expo that I wanted to see, so I made sure I was there as soon as it started. I must admit, I was surprised at how many businesses were represented. The place was packed.

Naturally, there were some TACC reps that did not seem too happy to see me [or my camera] there, but the brick and mortar business owners I spoke with all seemed to be happy to have their photos taken with their display booths and I was able to reacquaint and network with some friends I had made when I was a regular attendee. It was interesting that some I spoke with knew me as the Business & Beer guy, so I guess people are learning of us. I am glad I made time to go check it out. Continue reading

Fall Gathering Open House at Abigaile, Hermosa Beach

Last night we went to the Abigaile Fall Gathering open house in Hermosa Beach. If you read this blog with any regularity you have probably heard me mention them on numerous occasions as they house The Brewery at Abigaile. We discovered them during American Craft Beer Week when the manager at The Rockefeller recommended them to us. We quickly became big fans. Not only did they brew a wide variety of beers, but they had some nice plates on their menu that made it interesting to experiment. I soon learned of their Chef Tin and was immediately impressed. The guy is good. Anyway, we kept returning and became fairly regular and watched them evolve.

In June we heard Abigaile was having an open house and releasing a couple new brews, so we headed down. I have to admit, I was surprised. Not only were they offering tasters of the new beer but Chef Tin was out on the patio barbecuing and they had a table of cheeses, olives, meats and more. They even had dessert. Oh, I forgot to mention, it was free. When I read on Facebook that they were doing it again last night, we made sure we were there. It was another great time. I spoke with the owner, Jed Sanford, about it and he said he was making it a seasonal thing to show his appreciation to all those that spend time there. Nice attitude, I guess that is another reason we enjoy coming there. Continue reading

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