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Beachwood BBQ & Brewing One Year Anniversary Party

These photos were taken Saturday at the Beachwood BBQ & Brewing One Year Anniversary Celebration, which was held at their Long Beach location on E. 3rd Street in Long Beach, CA. You might recall that I made my first visit to Beachwood Brewing a couple weeks ago. During that visit we were impressed enough with their home brews that we brought a growler of Mandarin Dream home with us, with the intent of returning for the one year celebration. It was a good idea.

I remember being impressed that Beachwood was only one year old, yet had nine different brews available. That is a lot for a young operation. When we returned yesterday they had a few new batches I had not tried; either my timing was outstanding or their brewmaster, Julian, has really got this thing down.

One of the nice things about the local brewing companies is how well the brewers get along with each other. Even though Beachwood brews an unknown number of different beers they do not have a problem providing brews from all the locals; their one year anniversary was billed as a tribute to Southern California breweries and it really was with offerings from numerous local brewers including Strand, Monkish, Alesmith, Alpine, El Segundo, Stone, Eagle Rock and at least a dozen others. I think on my next visit I am going to have to experiment with some of the breweries I am unfamiliar with. Yeah, there are a couple out there. Continue reading

Beachwood BBQ & Brewing Long Beach

Yesterday Tanya and I stopped by Beachwood BBQ & Brewing in Long Beach. We were in Long Beach for the Chocolate Blues & Networking Festival and I knew there were a couple brewpubs in the area, so I figured after a long day of work a nice flight would be a good way to end the day. I recently met one of the bartenders at a local event and Dave over at Select Beer always speaks highly of Beachwood, so I decided to head over. I will be honest, as we worked our way over there I told Tanya there is no way that I would drive here “just for a beer” as it is kind of out of the way for us, but I would soon changed my tune.

Beachwood BBQ is a little difficult to find as the address is 210 E. 3rd Street, but it faces Promenade. They have some small sandwich boards if you are walking by, but if you are westbound on 3rd, you need to know where it is. We were greeted by Ian’s big smile so we seated ourselves at the bar. Their flights are four of their brews, and since they had a total of nine available, we decided to each get a flight so we could try everything they made. We were both very impressed. We tried the Mandarin Dream, Unconditional Blonde, Alpha Master, Knucklehead Red, Thrill Seeker, The Dominator and three versions of the Udder Love; CO2, nitrogen and cask. Tanya really liked the Knucklehead Red and I found all of their IPA’s very nice and hoppy. We ended up bringing a growler of the Mandarin Dream home as it is a Saison and we have both become suckers for them. Continue reading

Chocolate Blues & Business Networking, Long Beach, CA

These photos were taken at the Long Beach/Seal Beach Chocolate Blues and Business Networking Festival; which was held at the Seaport Marina Hotel on June 27. As the name suggests, there was a lot of chocolate there. There was no “Blues” and there was some business networking. I have to be honest; I am not really sure what the target demographic was. While we had been invited to run the “Blogger’s Circle” which was to answer questions people had on how to improve their business and generate income and traffic through blogging the only person that came up had one question, “what is a blog?” I am not convinced she understood even after it was explained to her.

The vendors that had booths appeared to be primarily involved in multi-level marketing (MLM) although there was a business networking group or two along with some insurance agents. Most of the attendees that we spoke to were either unemployed or MLMers that said they only used word of mouth as their business model. Although the event was six hours long, I would be surprised if the number of total attendees surpassed the number of vendors. Perhaps it was due to it being the first Chocolate Blues event to be held in the area or maybe it was the venue but the number of attendees was not very impressive. We gave away free SEO reports to any vendor there, but I suspect there were only a few that even understood what SEO was much less what to do with the report.

As I have done the trade show circuit for 10+ years I have learned to not count my chickens before they are hatched, so only time will tell if the connections we did make turn into anything. There were a few that did appreciate that relying on the Yellow Pages might have worked 15 years ago but it will not fly today; so we shall see. Would I come again if given the opportunity? Probably, but I think more time would have to be spent researching what the true demographic of this marketing event is. Continue reading

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