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Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Los Angeles 2011 photos

Today was the 2011 Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon in Los Angeles. Since my daughter and one of her friends were participating, I decided to get up early and head out to downtown Los Angeles to take some photos. The Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon series is a fundraiser for various charities, including ASPCA, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, TASK, St. Jude Hospital and several others. They have marathons around the country. Today’s marathon had about 10,000 participants and there were live bands set up every mile along the course as well as cheerleaders from local high schools. There was a definite carnival attitude at the event.

Charlie Serrano won the men’s division and Deena Kastor won the women’s division.

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Lakers Win!

Yes, you may have heard that the Lakers beat the Celtics in game 7 of the NBA championship series. As a native Californian I have grown up realizing that with LA teams, it really is not over until it is over. As far as I am concerned, this game was not secured until Sasha Vujacic stepped up to sink two free throws with only 11.7 seconds to play. The Lakers’ two point lead was suddenly four, and the final nail was in the Celtics’ coffin. My picture of the day number 168 features Sasha Vujacic as he is at the line, prepared to sink the second shot.

Day 168 picture of the day

No Pressure

International Pillow Fight Day Pictures

World Pillow Fight Day
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Pershing Square, Los Angeles

Today, flash mobs in cities around the world hosted pillow fights. These photos are from the event held in Los Angeles, CA at Pershing Square. It was supposed to be a 15 minute long event, but it lasted several minutes longer. It was a ton of fun to watch and I hope you enjoy the pictures.
International Pillow Fight Day Pershing Square photos
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