Naja’s Place

The Dudes’ Brewing Kickoff Weekend

This weekend, the South Bay welcomed the latest microbrewery to the Southern California beer brewing scene, The Dudes’ Brewing Company which is located in Torrance, CA. Unlike most microbreweries, The Dudes’ does not currently have a tasting room, but rather have decided to break onto the scene by selling kegs to bars and restaurants, and will begin canning and distributing sometime in June of this year. There is talk of opening a tasting room in 2014 after they have their operation running exactly how they want. The Dudes’ are having four kickoff parties this weekend, beginning at Hot’s Kitchen in Hermosa Beach on Thursday and ending Sunday at The Tavern on Main in El Segundo. These photos are from Thursday and Friday’s events at Hot’s Kitchen and Naja’s Place in Redondo Beach.

We had Business & Beer on Thursday at The Rockefeller and since Hot’s Kitchen is just around the corner we decided to stop in to get our first try of The Dudes’ brews. I went with their Grandma’s Pecan, which is a very nutty brown ale. I really enjoyed the flavor which definitely improves as it loses it chill. Tanya got a taster of their Grinning Face Porter, a coconut porter, which I took a sip of, but it was not enough to really judge. It smelled good though. Continue reading

Strand Brewing Co Pint Night at Naja’s Place

These photos are from Strand Brewing Company’s Pint Night at the world famous Naja’s Place, located on the International Boardwalk at the Redondo Beach Pier. This event was to commemorate Strand Brewing Company’s three years of brewing craft ales and was held at Naja’s Place because they were the first location to pour Strand Brewing Company beer. For Thursday’s celebration, Strand provided these fine brews:

Beach House Amber Ale
24th Street Pale Ale
Atticus IPA
Black Sand Double IPA
Bagheera East IPA
Special Cask of Double Dry Hopped Atticus IPA

The event started at 6:00 PM and advertised that the first 50 attendees got to keep their glassware with the Strand Brewing Company logo. We had Business & Beer starting the same time, so I did not make it until 8:30. Judging by the crowd they had, the glassware was probably gone by 6:30; Naja’s Place was absolutely packed. I wanted to try the Atticus on cask, but that was gone long before I arrived; I will have to wait. It is obvious that Rich Marcello and Joel Elliot, co-owners of Strand Brewing Company, have built a very strong following; they are to be congratulated for a job well done. Here is to three more years, and then some. Continue reading

American Craft Beer Week: Naja’s Place Redondo Beach

It is American Craft Beer Week and I have decided to try and find as many American craft beers as possible in the South Bay. I started my search at Naja’s Place on the International Boardwalk on the Redondo Beach Pier. Tanya has been taken off the Methotrexate that has prevented her from enjoying a nice beer, she is going to be able to join me on this adventure. Since Naja’s Place has 88 beers on tap, it seemed like the best place to start. Unfortunately, Naja’s does not offer flights, but the bartender, Kara, was kind enough to provide short pours so we could try a few different brews. Tanya started off with a Knee Deep Tanilla Porter and I had the Hangar 24 Double IPA. We then moved on to a Black Phoenix for Tanya and a Ballast Point Tongue Buckler.

The food selection at Naja’s is not really our style so we took a stroll down the Boardwalk towards the pier and ended up at El Torito for a little dinner and to take a few photos of the pier and marina. We then went back to Naja’s for a final tasting; this time Tanya had a Firestone Velvet Merlin and I had the Firestone 15th IPA. All of the brews were very nice and I have to thank Kara for her suggestions for Tanya; it was obvious that Tanya really enjoyed the beers she had, especially the Black Phoenix. Continue reading

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