neptune’s net

Ride To Neptune’s Net

Photos From the Break-In Ride to Neptune’s Net
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Cruising the PCH

As mentioned earlier, I got a new bike. Since I plan on taking a ride to Sturgis, SD in August, I need to get some miles on the engine so it will be properly broken in. Well, that is my excuse anyway. Yesterday I decided to cruise up the Pacific Coast Highway to Neptune’s Net. It is a popular biker hangout on Sundays, directly across the street from the ocean at the Los Angeles and Ventura county’s line. It was a great ride and I have a feeling me and the 2010 Limited are going to get along fabulously.
photos scenery Pacific Coast Hwy
Southern California photos scenery
photos Southern California Southern California
Pacific Coast Hwy Pacific Coast Hwy Pacific Coast Hwy
scenery Southern California scenery

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Neptune’s Net at County Line

Riding across the County Line we arrive at Neptune’s Net. Sunday is a nice day for it if you like looking at other bikes. Any other day of the week is a good day for it because it is a nice ride. They serve a nice burger and have a wide assortment of very cold beer. I posted some pictures of the bikes and other views, if interested.

Sunday Ride to Neptune’s Net

Neptune’s Net
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Sunday ride to Neptune’s Net and Sagebrush Cantina

I work hard, so I make it a point to go for a bike ride every Sunday that I am in town. Today’s destination was up Hwy 1 to the County Line between Los Angeles and Ventura, specifically, Neptune’s Net. My son, one of his buddies and an old friend of mine joined me. For being January 3, you could not ask for a nicer day.

It was so nice that we did not want to go home after having lunch at Neptune’s Net, so we stopped by the Sagebrush Cantina for one more beer before calling it a day.

food Neptune food
beer sun food
Neptune Sunday ride sun
sun sun food
Sunday ride food sun

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