Photos from Central Oklahoma and Tulsa

Leaving New Mexico, we blasted through Texas and into Oklahoma. The panhandle of TX was very dry with many warnings of wildfires. At one point we were leaving Amarillo and noticed a little smoke in a small patch of grass. Within seconds they had a full fledged fire. They could definitely use some rain, which so far, seemed to be avoiding me like the plague.

The beginning photos were taken at various stops in Oklahoma on my way east. The photos at Ruby Tuesday and beyond were taken in Tulsa on my home.

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Back to Oklahoma Photos

Photos From Oklahoma, Texas and Louisiana

Road Trip Day 8
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Sights From Oklahoma, Texas and Louisiana

Yesterday, I commented that the plains of Texas and Oklahoma were, in a word, plain. Today was the opposite. We took I-35 south to I-20 east and it was quite scenic. It is easy to see why they call Louisiana the Sportsman’s Paradise. Tomorrow we pay a visit to Camp Shelby in Mississippi to deliver about 200 tubes of lip balm to troops headed to Afghanistan. Then, more sightseeing.
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Texas to Oklahoma

I have to admit, after spending the last few days in such beautiful states as Utah and New Mexico, Texas and Oklahoma seem a little plain. Of course, that could be because we are driving across the plains. It will be better tomorrow. Day 108 of my daily photo log, Project 365.

Weatherford, OK

Weatherford, OK

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