Palos Verdes Street Fair

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2012 PV Street Fair: Petting Zoo, Pony and Carnival Rides

These photos are from Saturday at the 2012 PV Street Fair & Music Festival and include the petting zoo, pony ride and the carnival rides and games. As you can see, the PV Street Fair was definitely a family fun event. I would like to thank the guy running the Super Shot ride for allowing me some time up top to get photos of the fair from high atop it.

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2012 Palos Verdes Street Fair Saturday: Food, Vendors and Contests

These photos are from Saturday, June 9 at the 2012 Palos Verdes Street Fair & Music Festival, held in Rolling Hills Estates, CA. These photos will include (in order) the beer garden, featuring local brewers The Brewery at Abigaile and Strand Brewing Co, the food court, Best Pie and Pie Eating Contests and the rest of the vendors. The photos are not in the order or the day since I was bouncing all around. Above each photo is the image ID. The beer garden photos will be named Abigale, beergarden or StrandBrewing. The food court is simply food, then BestPie, PieEatContest, finishing with vendors.

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Saturday at the Palos Verdes Street Fair – Top Dogs, Dancing and Music

This past weekend was the 25th Annual Palos Verdes Street Fair & Music Festival. Those of you that are regular guests know I have a tendency to take a lot of photos when I cover an event; and as the official photographer you know I took thousands of photos each day. In order to make them manageable, and so you can find yourself, your kids, pets or booth I will break Saturday and Sunday into three groups for each day.

This gallery consists of the Top Dogs Show, the musical entertainment on the main stage (includes The Iliana Rose Cuban Jazz Band, The MVP’s, The Jay Edwards Band, The Full Spectrum Band and 80’s After Party) and the entertainment found under the big tent. This includes the Norris Theater Time Square Kids, Headliners and First Class Act. Additionally you will find photos of Dance Factory, Electric Youth, Dance Peninsula Ballet, PSPA, Amuze Jazz Ensemble, Altoid Addicts and Jennifer Sombrotto. There are also photos from the Princess Bride movie screening.

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