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Beware the Ides of March

While I may not have gotten stabbed, like Julius Caesar, the Ides of March were not very kind to me. Had taxes to pay, returns to get filed, and Tanya went home. Pretty much a trifecta. I had to go drown my sorrows in Gu Gu Sushi. My picture of the day for day 74 of Project365 is of Tanya and I as we prepared to leave for the airport.

day074 project365

The Eyes of March

Happy Pi Day

It is the 73rd day of Project365 2011 and the 14th day of March, or 3.14. Pi. Get it? I never heard of today being called Pi Day before, so I guess Facebook taught me something. My photo of the day is of me getting my daily radiation fix.

day073 of Project365

Microwave Safe

I have a good excuse

I think I was doing pretty good about keeping this years Project365 current, but I got sidetracked. My girlfriend, Tanya, came into town; then we had to do all our tax stuff and we had to make plans for the year. As a result, I got delayed and now I am going to play catch-up again.

Day 67 was a warm and sunny morning. Tanya is going to love the weather when she gets here tonight. I also discovered that the Charger makes a pretty nice canvas.

Project365 day067

Black Canvas

Wednesday is beautiful. We open all the doors today as it is warmer outside that it is in the house. My picture of the day for day 68 is bounced off Tanya’s sunglasses.

day068 project365

She Only Has Eyes For Me

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