Redondo Beach

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20th Annual King Harbor Boat Parade

Saturday evening was the 20th Annual King Harbor Boat Parade in Redondo Beach. After spending the day at the Mooneye’s Christmas car show and drag races, I packed up the camera and Tanya and headed down to King Harbor. We decided to have dinner at On the Rocks since they were located at the perfect location to watch the parade. The Christmas boat parade consisted of various boats that are docked in Redondo Beach, getting decorated with lights and sailing in a circle around the marina. It was a little difficult to determine just how many boats were participating, but I would guess about a dozen. It was a nice time and the families that came out seemed to enjoy themselves. Continue reading

Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce Network at Noon

Today, Tanya and I went to our first Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce function. It was their December Network at Noon, which was held at Oliver’s Cafe in Redondo Beach. Synergy DTI is the parent company and since Tanya now lives in Torrance, we decided to join. I have to say, I am really looking forward to this. Business opportunities abound. I almost feel silly for not joining years ago. If you are a small business owner, I suggest at least checking out your local Chamber of Commerce. Business to business is good business. Here are a few photos from the Network at Noon Lunch for December at Oliver’s Cafe.

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