Torrance Chamber of Commerce: Would I join again? Pros and Cons

When I started writing the story about my experience with the Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce (TACC), I knew that this would have to be broken up into at least three parts. There was too much to say, and it would have been ancient history by the time I got everything documented in the proper order. My goal in the first two parts was simple; give the back story to my time with the TACC and what happened when I was called into Donna Duperon’s office. I did my best to not editorialize or give my opinion; I wanted to merely lay out the facts. This article will be different. I will editorialize and be opinionated. So, what happened after I left Donna’s office?

I knew that the Del Amo Bridge was going to be opened to the public later in the day, so I stopped by to see if I could photograph the bridge before traffic made it impossible. I lucked out as there were several antique cars lining up for the opening parade; so I was able to wander around and grab a few shots. While I was there I ran into a long time acquaintance that happens to be on the Torrance City Council. I told him that the TACC had just banned my camera from their events. He proceeded to tell me about a ribbon cutting that was coming up on Saturday. Apparently the business had not given the Chamber enough notice, so the Chamber would not be there. I asked if he thought the business would like me to photograph the event; his response, “What business owner would not want you to?” Ironically, the answer is the TACC, I guess. Continue reading

It is National Doughnut Day

A couple of months ago I was going through Facebook and noticed the photo of what I would call a designer doughnut. Since I was only readily familiar with one establishment that sold “designer doughnuts,” I asked if my friend had ever visited Psycho Donuts. It was not an unreasonable question since they are located in Northern California as is he. It was not long before someone else joined the discussion and informed me that if I wanted a great doughnut, I had to visit Stan’s Donuts in Santa Clara. Eventually, my friend returned to the discussion and told me that the doughnut in question was a Dynamo Maple Sugar and Bacon doughnut. Since I had plans to visit San Francisco for a trade show, I decided that I would have to conduct an unbiased review of the three doughnut shops in question. These shops were Dynamo Donuts in San Francisco, Stan’s Donuts in Santa Clara and Psycho Donuts in San Jose, CA. Since today is National Doughnut Day, I figured it was time to put this review up.

My initial intent was to go to the doughnut shops and let the employees choose two donuts that they thought were best. My girlfriend, Tanya, said she did not want the shop to pick her doughnut. Since I knew there was no way I could eat more than three donuts in a day, I decided that I would let the doughnut shop pick one and Tanya could pick one. We would then split the donuts and I would make review the doughnut shop based on these choices. It seemed like a pretty unbiased way to do this review. As we were leaving San Francisco I picked a route that would take us from San Francisco, to Santa Clara and end in San Jose. Continue reading

Affiliate Summit West 2011 Review

This is my review of the Internet marketing event known as Affiliate Summit West 2011, AKA ASW11. Affiliate Summit West was held January 9-11, 2011 at the Wynn in Las Vegas, NV. Due to scheduling conflicts, I had not attended Affiliate Summit since 2008 when it was held at the Rio. I was looking forward to this show to see how much things had changed over the last few years. Besides, in 2008 I only spent one day there and never ventured beyond the exhibit hall and a suite party.

I usually cover B2B trade shows where I already know a large percentage of the participants, or they at least know who I am. As a result, my coverage is usually limited to photos with a review based on my observations. When I obtained my press credentials for ASW11, I made a mental note to try and look at this through a “reporter’s” eyes, which resulted in my entering deeper conversations with some attendees and exhibitors. This review will take some of those conversations into consideration.

The Venue

It is kind of funny, but I have a condo that is in the shadow of the Wynn. Although I watched it being built, and I often wondered what it was like inside, I had never ventured down the street to check it out. Now I had my excuse. As it turned out, everything I had to do at the Wynn was in one small corner of the resort. I think I saw the casino once, but I never ventured into it. We did walk down to La Cave to grab some lunch on Monday and were pleased with our choices. Continue reading

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