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Photos from ad:techs past

Since will be attending and photographing the upcoming Internet marketing event, ad:tech San Francisco, I thought I would hunt down some photos from past Ad Techs I have attended. I have been attending ad:tech since 2007 at Chicago, New York City and San Francisco. Of course, back then I was using a point and shoot so the quality of the photos is not the greatest. This year’s photos will be a lot better, I promise.

If you see your photo here and would like your name added to the caption, please register, then contact me. I will give you instructions on how to make that happen. This is free branding for you.

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St. Patrick’s Day in The City

I was thinking back, and I am sad to say that I am not sure that I have ever spent St. Patrick’s Day in San Francisco. I suppose I must have since I was born there, but I sure do not recall ever going there when I was an adult. The funny thing is, I did not even have a Guinness today, although I did have a couple last night. Oh well, guess I am growing up. My photo of the day for Project365 on St. Patrick’s Day.

day076 Project365

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Hotel Beresford

I drove up to San Francisco to participate in a protest put on by the Free Speech Coalition. Since my first protest was done in San Francisco around 1968, it kind of made sense that I would end up here for one of the last I will likely participate in. My photo of the day for day 75 of Project365 was taken in my room at the Beresford Hotel on Sutter. The location is good, but their Internet sucks, if that is important to you.

day075 of Project365

Reflecting in San Francisco

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