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Shelter from the storm

The thing about riding a motorcycle in Wyoming, is their weather is really unpredictable and is rarely pleasant. There is a lot of wide open spaces which means very little shelter. I have had several incidents in WY that involved their weather and the inability to find anywhere to hide. Today was another of those days. It started off great. The skies were threatening but I was able to pretty much avoid any significant rain for three or four hours. Then my luck began to dissipate. I sat out a rain storm in Rawlins, then decided to try and make it to Rock Springs. A nice 500 mile day.

Things got really ugly with tornado force winds and there was no where for me to pull off. Add in the drafting that you get with semis and it was getting tough to stay up. I did not know how long this was going to last and I did know if I could handle this all the way to Rock Springs. I saw a sign telling me about a town coming up in 5 or 10 miles and that was going to be my new destination. I arrived in Wamsutter which had a big restaurant/store that I used as a wind break. I went in and spoke with a local that assured me the restaurant across the parking lot had great food, so I went for it. I have to say, this was the best meal I have had on this entire trip and it was like $20 for a rib eye with two beers!

My photo of the day for day 228 is of the restaurant I found in the middle of nowhere, that had some of the best food anywhere. As an added bonus, while I ate the storm passed and I was able to make it to Rock Springs anyway.

Day 228 picture of the day

Fakawee's Great Steaks

Photos of Littlefield Cemetery in Arizona

Littlefield Cemetery
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Photos from Littlefield, AZ

When you travel north on Interstate 15 out of Nevada, you cut through a small slice of Arizona before you hit Utah. Although this slice of AZ is very thin, it really does have some remarkable scenery. Tanya and I both enjoy visiting old cemeteries, so when we spotted this gem outside of Littlefield, we did not hesitate to pull off to investigate. As you can see, it was worth the stop.
travel Arizona Littlefield Cemetery
scenery scenery scenery
Littlefield Cemetery photos road trip
travel road trip scenery
scenery Littlefield Cemetery travel

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Photos from the Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains

Bridgeport, Twin Lakes, Mono Lake and the Sierra Nevada Mountains

We woke up in Bridgeport, which is one of those towns along US 395 that if you blink, you will miss it. Buddy and I began the day with a walk through town. That was enough to convince me that we were going to have to do a little exploring before we started the last leg of our journey home. I saw a sign for Twin Lakes and decided that we should go check them out. It was a great decision as the lakes and snow-capped mountains were very picturesque. It had been more than 30 years since I spent any time in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, but I will not wait that long the next time. I think 395 will make for a great motorcycle ride.
scenery Sierra Nevadas Sierra Nevadas
US 395 Sierra Nevadas travel
US 395 US 395 road trip
US 395 family fun road trip
Sierra Nevadas travel travel

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