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Mother’s Day at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire

Sunday was Mother’s Day and it was beautiful in Southern California. Since Tanya has been doing so much better and has been doing a lot of walking lately, I asked her if she wanted to go to the Renaissance Pleasure Faire at the Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area in Irwindale. At first she did not express much interest, but after our morning walk she indicated she wanted to go and we could take the bike. That was all I needed to hear; we were off in a flash.

I have been gone to the Renaissance Faire several times in the last 40 years, but I had not been in about 20 years. When I first went, it was held at Paramount Ranch in Agoura; I think that was the most realistic setting for a location. At some point it relocated to Glen Helen Park and recently was moved to Irwindale. I think Irwindale is the closest location, but I was not really impressed with the setup.

This was Tanya’s first Renaissance Faire, so she was not really sure what to expect. As she put it, “it is an arts and crafts fair to buy items that were popular hundreds of years ago.” That pretty much sums it up, except there are some entertaining shows to watch on the 13 stages as well as the many people strolling around in their period costumes. As hot as it was yesterday, I certainly did not envy them. Burlap is not really known as an easy breathing fabric. The fair food is better than your typical county fair food; there were no deep fried Snickers that I noticed. It is definitely something that is fun for the entire family. The Renaissance Pleasure Faire runs through next Saturday and Sunday, May 18-19. Tickets are $25 for adults, children ages 5-12 are $15 and children 4 and younger are free. Continue reading

Bartels’ Harley-Davidson 10th Annual Chili Cook-Off

These photos are from the Bartels’ 10th Chili Cook-Off, which was held Sunday, April 21 at Bartels’ Harley-Davidson in Marina del Rey, California. Now, to be honest, I am not completely sure if they have been doing this every year for 10 years, or if this was just their 10th one. I suspect it is pretty close to being an annual event. I know that by the time we got there, Lincoln Boulevard was lined with motorcycles on both sides of the street.

I had gone to the Rose Bowl earlier that morning, and by the time we got out to Bartels’ most of the chili was pretty much devoured. I did get an opportunity to try some of the Black Sheep Chili which is advertised to have certain health benefits as well as having multiple uses in the garage. It was pretty good.

Like I said, I got there late and it appeared that some people may have been cleaning up already, but I’d guess there were about 10 contestants. There was live music provided by Jukebox Zero to keep us entertained as we walked around and checked out the booths from various clubs and chatted with friends, old and new. It was a great day as far as the weather was concerned and they had a few hundred bikers come through at various times of the day. All in all it was a lot of fun and another successful event at Bartels’ Harley-Davidson. Continue reading

Mother’s Day at the Cahuenga Corridor

These photos were taken Sunday, Mother’s Day, at the new Cahuenga Corridor in Hollywood, CA. The Cahuenga Corridor is an open air street market that is held on Sundays on the recently opened East Cahuenga Alley. This was the second week of the street market and it was Mother’s Day, so I was not surprised that it was not packed; but then again, I was not there very long.

The Cahuenga Corridor features street vendors, artisans, food and music. It intersects with the farmer’s market and the hours overlap, so I am sure as the street market grows it will eventually seem as one with the farmer’s market. Readers that are interested in exhibiting or performing can visit the Cahuenga Corridor web site, or contact me as I have an acquaintance involved with getting this off the ground, so I can put you in direct contact. Continue reading

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