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Photos from the Marketers Ball 2012 at 1015 Folsom, starring Too Short

After leaving ad:tech at the Moscone Center, I grabbed some dinner then headed over to 1015 Folsom for The Marketers Ball. The concert starred Too Short with a live band and included DJ YT Cracker, the Black Rock City Allstars and MASK featuring Money B. Sponsored by FriendFinder Networks and Infinite Traffic, promoter Darren Blatt’s many years of experience putting on these shows provided a very fun time for anyone that attended. Continue reading

Photos from the Marketers Ball, ad:tech San Francisco 2011

Tuesday evening had several parties slated to go along with ad:tech San Francisco. While I had great intentions, I ran out of time, so I decided to head over to what I guessed would be the largest of them all, The Marketers Ball. Sponsored by Friendfinder Networks and starring Too Short and Digital Underground, this party was truly off the hook. These photos of The Marketers Ball give a pretty good portrayal of the fun to be had.

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Back to the Marketers Ball Photos

Back to the Marketers Ball Photos

Picture of the Day Update

Made it home from Las Vegas in one piece. The ride out there gave us temperatures close to 120. The hottest it ever got on the way home was 92. Definitely a better ride, even when it dropped to 60. Anyway, here are my pictures of the day for the last three days.

Day 160 is Tanya and me on the way to The Player’s Ball, which we co-sponsored. It featured rapper, Too Short.

Picture of the Day 160

Tanya and Lloyd

Thursday, Day 161, found us poolside at the Hard Rock Hotel for the XFANZ Summer Expo.

Day 161 Picture of the Day

Poolside at the Hard Rock, Vegas

Day 162 was Friday and we spent a good portion of it on my bike as we rode home from Las Vegas.

Day 162 Picture of the Day

good girl and baddog

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