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I will be covering Affiliate Summit West

A relatively new topic I will be covering on is Internet marketing events. Tanya and I frequently attend events such as VidCon, Ad Tech and Search Engine Strategies. Since I changed the format of GotBaddog at the beginning of 2010 I do not have any photos up of prior events we attended, other than VidCon, but that is about to change. I will be attending Affiliate Summit West 2011 and the accompanying Affiliate Ball.

Affiliate Summit West is a three day marketing conference that will be held at the Wynn Las Vegas from January 9-11, 2011. I have not attended Affiliate Summit since 2008, and even though I only spent one day visiting the exhibition hall, I was quite impressed. It was packed, and provided vendors for every product imaginable. This year, I plan on attending more of the seminars Continue reading

A Picture a Day, July 2010

Photo of the Day, Project 365
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July 2010 Photos

Sorry this is late, but there was a legitimate reason which I will not go into here. July was a pretty active month. It started off with some friends taking me out to dinner and then to see Devo in concert. It was pretty fun. I should probably put up a gallery from the show. The next day I flew to Indiana to visit Tanya and to participate in the annual 4th of July Extravaganza. Tanya flew home with me to attend VidCon and then we spent several days celebrating my birthday. Other than that, the highlight of the month had to be when I visited Gu Gu Sushi & Roll and discovered they had created a roll in my honor. It is delicious.
daily photos photos
picture of the day picture of the day picture of the day
Project 365 picture of the day photos
Project 365 photos photos
picture of the day Project 365 photos

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Back Home for July Photo of the Day

It looks like I am back home for July. Had planned on taking a ride up north but a broken lock on my bike’s tour pack eliminated that possibility as I do not feel like putting my livelihood at risk. So, here is a summary of the last few days.

Friday was Day 190 of my picture a day and it found me in Los Angeles at VidCon. I am sure there are worse ways to spend a day, I just can not think of them offhand.

Day 190 Picture of the Day

VidCon 2010 Day 1

Tanya wanted to go back to LA for another dose of VidCon, or to test my love. Not really sure which, but return we did. Day 191 shows us together preparing to enter the Hyatt.

Day 191 Picture of the Day

Geek Good Girl and baddog

Yesterday, Day 192, was Sunday and should have meant a nice bike ride, but alas, it was not to be. This was just a last minute shot taken after taking Buddy for his nightly walk.

Day 192 pic of the day


Getting back into my Wii Fit+ after being without while out of town. Yesterday it said I was 53, today I tested at 27. Guess it helps to workout in the morning rather than late afternoon. Day 193 pic of the day.

Day 193 picture of the day

Getting Younger

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