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The 10 Basic Steps to Whale Watching

Ah, it is that time of year again when the California Gray Whale heads to Mexico for the same reason the rest of us go there. Mating. Anyway, a popular pastime this time of year is to go whale watching. You can pay to go on a boat, but there are no guarantees. We are actually 50-50 when using a boat, but we had to go to Hawaii to have any luck. Sometimes that is just not feasible. The easiest way is to go to the beach and watch them there.

For those that want to go to the seashore to whale watch, I have decided to create this little video tutorial on How to Watch Whales, the 10 Basic Steps. I hope you find it helpful.

Pictures From Point Vicente

Pictures From Point Vicente
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Sights from the California Coastline

Last week I came to Point Vicente and happened to be there when a couple gray whales were frolicking in the area. Unfortunately, all I had with me was my Samsung point and shoot camera. I got one lucky shot, but you could not really tell if it was a whale or the Loch Ness Monster.

I went back today with my Canon Rebel and a tripod, but as luck would have it, no whales were to be seen. No worries. There were still plenty of sights to be seen and whale season has just begun in earnest. I’ll be back.

Winter day California Winter day
Point Vicente Winter day Point Vicente
California seascape photos
California photos Point Vicente
photos Point Vicente seascape

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