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There is an egg crisis in Torrance

As you may have heard, Norway has a butter shortage. Apparently some late night talk show hosts have made light of the situation and that has drawn the ire of a Norwegian singer, celebrity and blogger by the name of Tommy. While I can appreciate his problem, I would make my own butter. Here in Torrance we have no eggs! Two days before Christmas and no eggs.

This is my video reply to Tommy.

Video of How To Wrap a Dog For Christmas

Not to be outdone by a cat he saw on YouTube, Buddy shows that you can wrap a dog as a Christmas present. Buddy will have another video up tomorrow. You can find all of Buddy’s adventures at

Photos From VidCon 2010

Photos From Day Two of VidCon 2010
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VidCon 2010, Los Angeles

We headed back to the Hyatt Regency for Day Two of VidCon. One might ask why, and the answer is simple. Tanya wanted to go. I really expected to go there and find a wealth of information, but sadly that was not to be. I spoke with a company or two that were displaying there and I got the impression that most of the attendees could never afford their products. I guess if they ever grow into a “must attend” show for video marketers I can say I was at the first one.
video marketing Hyatt Regency Los Angeles
video marketing photos photos
photos YouTubers video marketing
Hyatt Regency Hyatt Regency photos
photos YouTubers photos

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