LA River Rally for Alternative 20

These photos were taken at Marsh Park in Los Angeles on Saturday morning at a rally for the Los Angeles River revitalization project; specifically Alternative 20. The event was attended by maybe 100 supporters that came to listen to LA City council members and check out exhibits showing the vision behind the revitalization of properties along the LA River corridor in accordance with the Los Angeles River Revitalization Master Plan.

I became interested in this project due to my participation in a Kickstarter project for Dry River Brewing; as they envision having their brewery along the shores of the LA River. Apparently, the US Army Corp of Engineers reviewed multiple options for the revitalization project and chose Alternative 13; the City of Los Angeles and just about anyone involved with this project want Alternative 20 (hence Alt 20) which would connect all portions of the river together instead of just building up portion of it. I am far from an expert on the subject, so if you are interested on how you can help (there is a 45 day comment period in progress) please visit the LA River Rally website.

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