Merry Christmas from GotBaddog

I have mentioned a couple of Christmas traditions I have in prior posts, but my favorite of all has to be my Christmas morning ride. As I am sure most of you are aware, the day after Thanksgiving starts the Christmas shopping season. This means one thing to me, lots of traffic. There are several large malls within a five mile perimeter so we get lots of traffic. I have lived in homes that were virtually impossible to get out of the driveway because of the amount of traffic. It makes owning a motorcycle pretty handy.

On Christmas morning the streets are virtually empty and the cops on duty seem to be a little more forgiving, so December 25 is officially my favorite day of the year to go for a ride. My photo of the day for Christmas 2010 is of my Limited parked in front of the Korean Freedom Bell which overlooks the Port of Los Angeles.

Day 359 picture of the day

Christmas Morning

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