Photos from a day in Kentucky

These photos are from a day in Kentucky, specifically, Bullitt County, the Jim Beam Distillery and Bardstown. As my regular readers have probably figured out, when Tanya and I travel together we are frequently distracted. It is less than 300 miles from Valparaiso, IN to Louisville, KY and we barely made it there in a day. As it turned out, my cousin had to make a run up into Indiana so we had some time to kill. When I saw a sign advertising that we were close to the Jim Beam Distillery, it was clear that another detour was coming up. While touring the grounds, my cousin called and we discovered we were only 15 miles apart from each other, so we decided to meet for lunch at a nearby town. After eating, Tanya and I decided to take another detour to Bardstown and then drove along the Bluegrass Parkway.

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