Photos from Arkansas and the Ozarks

Thursday, we woke up somewhere around Oklahoma City. This was day five of our trip and I was contemplating washing the car to attract some rain. I watched the weather channel and their storm chaser was having the same luck as I, so I could not feel too bad. I had to make a decision, go north into Kansas or go northeast into Arkansas and Missouri. The forecast looked a little more promising east but one thing I learned was that they are not very good at forecasting them more than an hour or so ahead of time.

We headed east into Arkansas. These photos were taken in Needmore, Dardanelle, Russellville and the Ozark National Forest. Turns out I made the right decision. Things were going to get exciting at the top of the Ozarks. Unfortunately, it is difficult to shoot and drive in a severe thunderstorm, so not much in the way of photos. I might find a video to put up later.

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